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(Brilliant Classics, 2012)
A compilation of German music of the seventeenth century for instrumental ensemble consisting of two violins, cello, double bass, theorbo, organ and key with the Méridien Ensemble and the participation of the soprano Laia Frigolé and Juan de la Rubia to the organ, both in the works of set as in a selection of works for solo organ. Recorded in the Desmottes organ (2007) de l’Alcora – Castellón.

CD price (shipping included)

Tramadol Mastercard, Tramadol Order Overnight Shipping

01 J. Rosenmüller (c1619-1684). Sonata II à 2

02 H. Scheidemann (c1595-1663). Praeambulum in D, WV 33 (órgano solo)

03 J. Rosenmüller (c1619-1684). Eja torpentes animae surgite, sacred concerto

04 J. S. Bach (1685-1750). Trio sonata en re menor

05 M. Praetorius (1571-1621). Christ lag in Todesbanden (órgano solo)

06 F. Tunder (1614-1667). Fantasía coral sobre Christ lag in Todesbanden (órgano solo)

07 M. Weckmann (c1616-1674). Fantasia ex D

08 J. Ph. Krieger (1649-1725). Herr, auf dich trau ich, sacred concerto

09 D. Buxtehude (c1637-1707). Herr, wenn ich nur dich hab’, BuxWV 38