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Con el claviórgano Hauslaib del Museu de la Música de Barcelona

Musicologist and journalist, Pep Gorgori produced and wrote the notes for my previous CD, Bach, and he has done it again for my next recording, Antonio de Cabezón. In this text he depicts the cultural and spiritual he lived in when working at the Spanish court in the 16th century:   A blind musician to dazzle Europe […]

Montserrat Torrent’s notes for my next CD

  Montserrat Torrent, with who I have been studying the music of Antonio de Cabezón for twenty years, has accepted my invitation to write the notes for my next CD. I can show you a part:   Seek out the inner beauty of this music, look for it!   Of all the historians and musicologists […]

Recording Cabezón

These days I’ve been really busy recording my new CD, devoted to Antonio de Cabezón with a very, very special instrument: the claviorgan Hauslaib, which you can find at Museu de la Música de Barcelona. I can just show you a picture at the moment, but if you want us to let you knnow about the […]

From Montserrat to Westminster

This Friday I play in Montserrat (Barcelona) the same repertoire I will perform next week in Westminster Cathedral. It includes  some Bach’s works you can listen in my CD Bach, but also works by César Franck, Louis Vierne, Maurice Duruflé and Wagner transcriptions. This concert is part of the Grand Organ Festival. According to the brochure’s description, The […]


I’m really proud to announce that Fran Glez‘s Ibid. will be the conver of my new CD. He started working on it one night, during the recording at Poblet Monastery, as explained in the CD booklet: “As we began to record we turned off absolutely every light in the nave and lit two single candles. […]

New CD: only BACH!

  I am happy to announce that in 2016 I am releasing a new recording, my first one with just Bach Organ works. I will keeping you informed via my newsletter (sign up here), but now I can say that it has been recorded at Monestir de Poblet. Right now I’m extremely excited, working on […]


I want to celebrate both the New Year and my Bach CD release, so I propose to share his music every day via twitter. I’ll do so from now until de CD is released (let’s say April?). Feel free to follow @JDELARUBIA and join the conversation with the hashtag #Bacheveryday     Tweets sobre #bacheveryday

Concert at Sagrada Familia with OBC

This week, Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya (OBC) opens its season with a concert at Sagrada Família de Barcelona that will be broadcasted life by MediciTV. Surprisingly, the concert will not start with a Symphonic work, but with an organ solo one, composed by Bernat Vivancos. It is a composition I have […]